Do You Treat Your Car Better Than Yourself?

Girl getting professional back massage body treatment in health spa.Let’s put it this way, you get a tune-up or an oil change on your car on a regular basis, right? This ensures that your car will continue to run at an optimal level. How about regular cleanings and vacuuming? You make sure that your car’s appearance and interior are looking good so you can enjoy a comfortable car. But, why don’t you treat your own body this good? A regular spa day which includes a facial and massage body treatment can be a good investment for several reasons. The benefits of treating yourself far outweigh the cost. And here at Selah Salon & Spa, we offer affordable prices.

The Benefits of a Good Facial

You may think you’re doing everything your skin needs with a daily cleansing and moisturizing. Both the truth is, your skin can use a bit more than that daily care. The outer layer of your skin will renew itself every 28 days. Skin cells are always replicating to replace old cells. When you get a monthly facial you give your skin a boost to replicate the healthier, facial treated cells to replace old cells. In time, this means you will have healthier glowing skin. A facial also increases circulation to the blood under your skin, which will also helps with the renewal process of skin. The exfoliation process gets rid of dead skin cells and waste which is a great detox for your face. You will be amazed to see less puffiness and ruddiness. Deep exfoliation also smooths fine lines and promotes collagen production, which is the building block of skin. This will prevent you from aging early, which means less sagging and wrinkles. Exfoliation will also help your skin to soak up your daily skin products and added moisture. Imagine the benefit of a deep cleaning for your pores. You will maintain a youthful healthy glow longer.

Benefits of a Massage Body Treatment

The main and best benefit of a massage body treatment is lowered stress and anxiety levels. Unrelieved stress in your body can lead to behavior, mood, and body changes. It can be the cause of your headaches, high blood pressure, stomach pain, and sleeping problems. Studies have shown that massages can lower blood pressure, increase the production of endorphins in addition to relaxing tense muscles. Taking care of those tense muscles along with pressure points can also improve your posture. A good massage can even relieve breathing problems caused by stress and anxiety.

Monthly Facials and Massage Body Treatments for Better Health

A monthly spa day can benefit your health and look in many ways. If you are ready to give your body the treatment it needs give us a call today. We can set you up with an appointment for treatments specialized to your needs.

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