Body Treatments in El Paso

Selah Salon & Spa is one of the few day spas in El Paso that specializes in body treatments. These treatments utilize non-medical, physical practices that aim to help you make a change or achieve a specific goal with your body. Body treatments can target cellulite, wrinkles, aging, and many other issues you might be facing with your skin and body. If you’re looking for rejuvenation, the professionals at Selah Salon & Spa can instill a youthful glow back into your skin!

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Our Body Treatment Services

Our body treatment services are broken up into two: dry brush, body glow, and body wraps. Both of these services offered at our El Paso day spa aim to produce different results. Choosing either one depends on what exactly you are trying to achieve.

Dry Brush & Body Glow

Our dry brush & body glow includes an invigorating scrub that uses mineral salts combined with essential oils to exfoliate and polish your skin. A luxurious application of body butter is applied, and you are cocooned in warm linens. 

Dry brush & body glow helps get rid of dead skin and leaves your body soft, silky, and glowing! This body treatment service works best on those who have sensitive skin and those whose skin reacts negatively to cold or dry weather. Our day spa in El Paso recommends having dry brushing done one to two times a week. That way, you do not over-exfoliate the skin. 

Body Wraps

Our body wraps are here to help you sculpt your body. This healthy inch-loss program is a toxin cleanse that produces a definite size loss from fatty areas. The aloe vera in the solutions we use will moisturize, tone, and lighten the skin to feel baby soft. The “all food ingredients” used for body wraps are safe and healthy.

This body treatment is not only beneficial when it comes to sculpting your body, but it is also relaxing. Body wraps are recommended for those who are looking to regenerate their bodies so they perform better. Wraps can be done as often as a customer wishes.

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If you have any questions about our body treatments or finding which service would work best for your goals, please contact our El Paso day spa! Our body treatment experts are always ready to help and provide! Contact us online or call (915) 843-6070 today.

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