Top Nail Trends for 2023

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Several nail trends have come into 2023 thanks to viral posts on apps such as Tiktok and Instagram. From DIY manicures to heavily charmed and studded nails, it might leave you wondering what is in store for 2023 when it comes to manicures. As a nail salon specializing in manicures and more, we discuss some trends we are confident we’ll see this year. 

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Russian Manicures  

Never heard of a Russian manicure before? No better time than now to learn all about it.

If you’ve been following the trends on Instagram or Tiktok, you may have heard a thing or two about these manicures. They are dry manicures consisting of very precise cuticle work. The goal is to apply as much polish as possible to the nail, offering long-lasting results. 

French Tip 

While french tips dominated in 2022, they are expected to continue to rise in 2023. A timeless look, you can expect to see all kinds of french tips, including the classic almond-shaped, white french tip and a rainbow of colors. This year will be all about becoming more and more creative!

Pearly/Chrome Nails 

Since Haily Bieber started donning pearly, glossy nails, nail artists have seen an influx of requests for chrome-colored nails. The trends became so popular that even other celebrities followed suit! This year is the perfect time to sport shiny and glossy manicures with various colors. 

Minimal Details 

Many people took to social media to show off their detailed and busy nails. Although, experts believe 2023 will see more minimal details in manicures and nail styles. Going hand in hand with simplistic styles, clean and minimal decor and designs will dominate in 2023. A good example includes delicate metallic gold flakes on a beautifully structured manicure!

Ballerina Slipper 

The slipper-shaped ballerina nail has been popular for the past couple of years, but we do not see it going away soon!

Like the french tip, the ballerina slipper style tends to be a “one size fits all” kind of manicure. Classy, timeless, and elegant, this nail shape pairs well with creamy, soft colors. 

Nude, Milky Colors 

Speaking of soft colors, we will also see milky-colored manicures in 2023. If you have yet to hear, milk is the new nude! While it makes for an easy and simple manicure, milky manicures are great because they pair well with all styles and clothing! If you are looking for a manicure you can take to work, special events, and weekend occasions, these are just the right nails. 

Textured Finishes 

With Christmas sweater manicure finishes raging during the holiday season, 2023 is bound to see many more textured styles, including charms, studs, gems, and more! Even though 3D or textured nails are nothing new, people look for dramatic, layered manicures. Therefore, this trend will definitely be embraced in 2023.


As Pantone named “viva magenta” it’s color of the year, nail technicians are bound to see more pinks and purples coming together in manicure requests. It is also smart to expect magenta to be paired with a chrome finish to add an extra touch to the color. With that being said, there are many trends in the beauty industry to look forward to in 2023!

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