The Mental Health Benefits of Spa Massages

woman getting spa massageWhen was the last time you received a spa massage? Have you ever received one? If these questions have you scratching your head, trying to remember when the last time was, if you’ve ever had one, then it’s probably time to make an appointment for one. Not only do massages feel amazing, but they also come with a lot of added benefits that you might not think about. In fact, spa massages have been proven to help with your mental health.

At Selah Salon & Spa, we’re dedicated to helping people look and feel their best, and one of the ways we do so is by offering high-quality, relaxing, and revitalizing spa massages.

These are some of the mental health benefits associated with regularly getting a spa massage done.

Benefit #1: Pain Reliever

The purpose of a spa massage is to help you feel good inside and out, and one of the ways it does so is by helping to relieve pain. Oftentimes, people who suffer from chronic pain caused by a condition, illness, or injury also suffer from a mental illness associated with this life-altering issue. Massages can help reduce or temporarily eliminate the pain, helping you to feel good both physically and emotionally.

Benefit #2: Reduced Stress Hormone Levels

Our bodies naturally produce stress hormones that essentially help to alert us when something seems to be wrong so we can eradicate the issue. While some stress is healthy and good, having too much stress can have a negative impact on our physical and emotional well-being. Spa massages have been proven to help reduce stress hormone levels, helping you to feel better.

Benefit #3: Assist with Blood Pressure and Circulatory Issues

Issues with our blood pressure and circulatory system can take a toll on our bodies and livelihoods, including taking a major toll on our mental health. Luckily, spa massages have also been proven to help alleviate these issues. With our blood pressure back to normal and circulatory system back in check, we’ll feel better in no time.

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Don’t deal with mental health issues alone. Seeking help from a professional and doing what you can to make yourself feel better–exercising, eating right, getting enough sleep, receiving spa massages–can help alleviate the toll mental health problems can take on you. Call us today so we can schedule an appointment and help you take the first steps to feeling better.

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