The 7 Makeup Trends You Need to Know for the Spring

Woman poses in front of orange background with pink eyeshadow, red lips, and red nails.

As we say farewell to the winter season, let’s look back at the hottest trends that graced the annual holiday runway shows. People all around the world tune in to watch these runway revelations and make note of every detail such as the garments, accessories, shoes, hairstyles, and most importantly, the makeup. Looking for the best way to start the spring season off right? Imagine dashing through the doors with a makeover that everyone will notice! Let’s go over some of the makeup trends from the winter fashion shows that made their way from the catwalk to the faces of people all around the world.

Flashy Eyelashes

The eyes tend to be the first features that people notice. This is why eyes have taken the spotlight with particular emphasis placed on the lashes. By adding in blunt sixties-style lash lines, your eyelashes can become the focus for your true artistic creation. These lines are usually drawn below or above the lash line to add a bit more drama and emphasis to the natural lashes. These lashes can be layered with thick coats of mascara for a very wearable look. There’s one golden rule that makeup artists abide by and recommend for all: keep the lips and complexion as natural as possible when achieving dramatic lashes. 

Eyebrows with a Statement

Eyebrows are always highly regarded on the runways, whether they are bold, overstated, or diminished completely. No matter what kind of look you go for with your eyebrows, the effect is all the same. During some of the winter fashion shows, the eyebrows of some models were bleached for a strange, exotic, “dark romance” kind of look. Eyebrows with a statement can provide your face with architectural definition. 

Pops of Color with Glitter and Eyeshadow

In recent years, makeup artists have witnessed a glitter renaissance, especially during the holidays. Eye glitter and bright eyeshadow are optimal makeup choices for a fun night out, mimicking a Saturday Night Fever kind of vibe. Glitter can also be worn as speckled confetti on the lids for a messier and free-spirited look. Clashing the 1970s clubbing theme with the Christmas season can be achieved flawlessly with a touch of eye glitter and eyeshadow. 

Adding Glow to Your Complexion

If you’ve ever watched a fashion show before, you’ll notice that some of the models are not wearing pounds of makeup, but they still have a special glow to them that makes them stand out. Most models achieve a glow on their complexion by having facials done. Facials can be especially helpful and beneficial in the winter as this is when we receive a little amount of sun and natural light. 

To enhance a complexion glow, you can go for a facial massage and apply makeup for a baby-fresh face and overall look. For some, makeup is taking a bit of e back seat: a sign that a natural beauty boom is making a huge comeback with the help of facials and facial massages.

A Bold Red Lip

Red lipstick has been a classic and timeless item in the makeup industry. No matter what the time of year, red lips are always accepted and up for a bold look. The bold red lip is a failsafe trick for simple sophistication. This staple weapon in the arsenal of sensuality was (and continues to be) utilized by many makeup artists.

As for color, vibrant carmine shades were also seen, including burgundies. In regards to texture, you can go for pressed lips with powder for an ultra-matte effect. You can also apply a fierce hue of red to the lips with a coat of lip gloss. Whether the lip application you use is in the form of a lipstick or a matte or glossy texture, one thing is for sure: you can achieve high pigment either way!

The Punk Look 

Makeup artists are not holding back with eyeliner this spring season. Reimagining the timeless cat eye with more dramatic accents can help you stand out more in the pale nature of the wintertime. Bold lines are always evocative of the fearless punk rock mentality. 

The Smokey Eye

While past seasons have played and experimented with color, makeup artists have breathed new life into the black smokey eye to introduce this year’s winter season. Makeup artists have achieved this by expertly blending a classic chic and rock-chick look. Enhanced with a flick of kohl liner, makeup artists left the model with a natural complexion and tied-back hair for an even more noticeable smokey eye. 

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