Must-Have Beauty Products for Fall 2020 

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The fall season officially starts on the 22nd of this month. With that being said, you want to make sure you’ll have all the essentials to welcome in your new fall look! Highlighters, contouring, and rosy cheeks were the in-thing during the summer, but with a new season, there are many other beauty ideas to look forward to. Whether you’re a makeup connoisseur or new to the world of beauty, the products we mention in our blog are bound to help you achieve the makeover you’re looking for. Allow us to walk you through the must-have products for the fall season! 

Body Shimmer Lotion 

Highlighted cheekbones have been a makeup fad for the past couple of years now, but just recently, body shimmer lotions and oils have been making their way into the world of makeup and beauty products. Your entire body deserves to shine! These lotions are perfect for a special event or date night, allowing every inch to glow and reflect the light hitting you. For an effortless shine, body shimmer lotion is the way to go. 

Rosewater Face Dew 

With a rosewater serum for your face, you can achieve a timeless dewy look, guaranteed to keep your complexion moisturized throughout each and every day. Matte foundation makeup was a customer favorite everywhere, but nothing touches on natural beauty more than a face dew. This fall, you’re going to want to show off your natural complexion as much as possible. Rosewater is key for any occasion! 

Dark Lipstick and Lip Tints 

Everyone knows that the fall season is defined by a specific color scheme, that of which you can find almost anywhere. Maroon, dark purple, navy blue, rust orange, and much more. You can best incorporate these colors into your makeup routine through your lip makeup products! Dark red and purple tend to be the most popular lip colors throughout the fall. If you want your makeup to scream “fall”, your lip color choice can help you achieve exactly that. 

…and Deep Red Nail Polish!

But the dark hues don’t stop there. You can treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure any time of the year. If you want to compliment the dark lip colors you’ll be donning rather regularly, don’t be afraid to switch up your nail color as well! You’ll also want to look closely at the wardrobe you’ll be working with throughout the fall season so that your nail color and your outfits are one and the same! 

Gold Eye Makeup 

Gold and shimmer eye makeup is not only optimal for a grand look, but this color tends to soften and erase any creases within this area of your face. Your complexion will have people turning heads and taking second glances and with that being said, you’ll want to define your best features. Gold eye makeup just might be the makeup miracle you’re looking for. Even better, you can combine this timeless look with many other makeup tips and tricks! 

Face Masks 

A new season not only brings about new looks but it also introduces new weather and a new atmosphere overall. Some skin types can be rather sensitive to changes in climate and the way our faces react can result in breakouts or problems with acne. If you fall into this category, it is highly recommended that you regularly apply face makes to rejuvenate your skin and provide it with a deep cleanse. 

Sun Serum Moisturizer 

Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is a must, all year long. It’s easy to slack with skincare when there is less sun to deal with in the fall, but the sun is here to stay, meaning we have to do everything we can to shield our face from damage. Sun serum moisturizers are specially made with SPF that way you can provide your face with the moisture it needs and a guard from strong sun rays. 

Makeup Removing Balm 

Smooth and silky skin can be provided at all times throughout your day, even when it comes down to removing your makeup! Cleansing balms are made with enzymes that way they not only leave your face clear, but they also pack in the nutrients for a healthy and beaming face. Massage this formula into your skin and follow up with a gel-based cleanser and your skin will feel silkier than ever before! 

Get Your Fill of Fall Products at Selah Salon & Spa 

Our salon and spa is the best place to find healthy and supportive products for your hair, skin, and body. Whatever your beauty goals may entail, we are eager to help you accomplish them! Contact us today to learn more about the products we carry and how they can help you.


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