Moroccan Oil – The Invigorating Solution for Damaged Hair 


Portrait of woman with beautiful, shiny, long hair.

A girl’s hair is like a security blanket, one would feel off without the presence of their own hair. Additionally, women are guilty of wanting to style their hair all the time, which includes the use of blow dryers, straighteners, curlers, and so on. The downside to concurrently using these heated hair styling tools is that they are quick to dry out our hair, causing it to become easily damaged. Split ends, dry and rough hair become an eyesore as soon as women notice and no one should have to tolerate the sight of damaged hair. Thankfully, Morrocan oil is here to help spark rejuvenation for hair growth and health. Wondering how exactly Moroccan oil brings healthy hair? We have the answers. 


  • Away with Split Ends


Unfortunately, split ends can form pretty easily, whether you apply a lot of heat to your hair or not. Making a habit of inducing Moroccan oil into your hair on a daily basis is the perfect practice to avoiding split ends. The oil acts as a shield to toughen the hair strands, making them less susceptible to be damaged easily. 


  • Less Frizziness


Frizz is a common struggle women find themselves dealing with, especially in curly hair. Moroccan oil is comprised of argan oil, vitamin E, and weather-resistant properties to keep your hair smooth and from frizzing easily. 


  • Rich with Minerals


Moroccan oil wouldn’t be successful in being effective if it weren’t for the mineral and nutrients the substance contains. These minerals deeply hydrate your hair, bringing shine and elasticity. This shininess also makes your hair look healthier and full of volume!


Selah Salon: Providing you with Quality and Quantity

Treating our hair can be the biggest pain, but it is worthwhile when it turns out looking healthier than it’s ever been. Here at Selah Salon and Spa, we can provide you with the oil and hair treatment! Call us today to learn more about how we can bring your hair back to life!

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