Lash Out With Beauty The World of Eyelash Extensions

The human anatomy is not arbitrary, through years of evolution our bodies have developed in an intelligent way to better equip us to deal with our environments. Sure, that hasn’t stopped us from finding ways to dress it up, enhance it, and make it look pretty. Eyelash extensions are a perfect example! Fashion is all about maximizing our natural feature, getting creative, and finding ways to distinguish ourselves. Salah Salon specializes in accentuating the natural beauty and we thought it would be fun to take some time and learn about this seemingly small detail of our natural bodies and how they became a signature characteristic of beauty.

The Reason for the Lash

Our eyelashes serve a very specific function to our everyday survival. A few years ago, a mechanical engineer discovered that in many different species of mammals—from chimpanzees, cougars, giraffes, to a hedgehog— the eyelashes were precisely one third the length of the animal’s eye. They would come to discover the fact that the eyelash helps to minimize the airflow over the eyeball.

In addition to protecting from airflow to the eyeball, they also aid against dirt and other particles that might otherwise get into the eye. Some of the researcher’s experiments also showed how the density of eyelashes within varying species of mammals also coincided with their time spent in the sun. For example, animals like giraffes would have denser layers of eyelashes, since they spent a lot of time in the sun and dusty environments.

The Transition to Beauty

Celebrities from Jennifer Lopez to former alternative (yet-ever-so-young-looking) rock queen Gwen Stefani have long work the look of long luscious eyelashes, but why is this feature considered a trademark of femininity and beauty? How did eyelash extensions become a fashion statement?  According to some accounts, theories about this range from the fact that strong eyelashes are a sign of health; the dark line created with a full set of lashes highlights and contrasts the whites, or limbal rings of the eyes, which is often an indicator of health. In some instances, long full lashes were often associated with chastity or evoked a sense of affectionate and warm feelings. In other words, they suggested a warmth and womanly comfort of some kind. It can also simply create the very distinct and attractive gazing eyes that draw attention. Big prominent eyelashes are also said to be more enchanting since they emphasize every blink and dark bold lashes accentuate the whites of the eyes, which indicate youth and fertility. Perhaps it is a combination of things, but what we do know is that that they can add major style and attitude to your look.

Show Off Your Eyes with Selah Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a delicate matter, you want to ensure you trust the artist performing the procedure. At Selah, all our beauty experts have great experience in the world of fashion and beauty. If it’s true that the eyes are the windows to the soul, let Selah Salon & Spa enhance them so that those that look into them get a better look!

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