Invest in Self-Care for Stress Management

Woman applying shampoo and massaging hair of a customer. Woman having her hair washed in a hairdressing salon.Investing in your self-care is healthy practice. Whether you are working 9-5 plus overtime or you are a stay at home mom managing your home, you know all too well the toll that stress can take on your body. Taking care of yourself with some salon services is a great way to rejuvenate your nervous system and get your mind on track.

Stress and How it Affects the Body

Most people don’t actually realize that stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Stress is actually the body’s response to danger. In primitive times it kept humans alive. When the body senses danger hormones and chemicals (cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine) are released into the system to create specific reaction. This can include increased blood pressure and heart rate, blood flow moving from organs to flood the muscles, and more. The body essentially prepares for fight or flight.

Stress can be good if you need to slam on the breaks while driving or catch your child falling from the monkey bars. More common day stress can happen when you have a meeting after lunch and need to turn in a presentation. Perhaps your in-laws are coming over on Friday, for the 3rd time this month. Perhaps everyday includes a revolving calendar of deadlines. Ongoing stress leads to hypertension, chemical and hormone imbalances, high blood pressure, muscle tension, and so on. Not managing stress correctly on a regular basis leads to bad health issues.

Spa and Salon Services to Lower Stress

The key is getting the bad chemicals and hormones under control with stress management. Lowering stress with salon services is a great way to take care of yourself and ensure that you are always ready to handle the situations that life throws at you. Salon services can include receiving beauty treatments like new eyelash extensions, a cut and color, or nails. The time you spend sitting and enjoying some pampering can go a long ways. Receiving the end result will also send a direct boost to your confidence. Receiving a massage is another incredible way to get some release. Studies have shown that massage relieves muscle tension, lowers blood pressure, and improves overall mood. Other services that offer great stress release benefits include body wraps and skin therapy.

Healthy Stress Management

While spa and salon services just can’t be done everyday there are other healthy routines that can be incorporated into daily life for healthy stress management. A 30 minute walk actually releases cortisol from the body. Getting adequate sleep in another great way to reduce stress. Regularly getting eight hours of sleep has amazing long term benefits for good health. It would be so helpful to keep phones and tablets way from the bedroom. Instead of using the phone to lull to sleep it is healthier to read an actual book. Using a real alarm clock can replace the phone as well. Taking small daily steps to better self-care will pay off in the future.

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