How Waxing Saves You the Burden of Shaving

Young woman undergoing eyebrow correction procedure in beauty salon

Spending hours in the bathroom to shave can be tedious and annoyingly consuming. In being mindful of natural body curves, razors tend to impede the speed at which we can shave and just get it over with. Sometimes you end up with razor rash and razor cuts and you have to tend to your body more than you should have to- it becomes burdensome after a while. Waxing is the best alternative to shaving- just like shaving to remove hair on specific parts of your body, waxing functions in the same way, but FASTER and with more effective results. There are a good amount of reasons why you should give up the razor for all-natural wax, let’s touch on them.


  1. Razor Rust

Those vexing little razors get real old, real fast. Within a span of only days, the razors start to accumulate rust which can be detrimental to our skin health and it is also what plays a part in gaining razor rash. With hair-removal wax, it is smoother and less harsh on your skin. If you have ever been waxed before, you can notice the thickness, but soft, feel to the liquid. This is what makes the skin so soft and clean when having been waxed. 

  1. Wax is longer-lasting

The minimum amount of time that hair takes to  grow back after having been waxed is three weeks. Some people have even reported lengths of eight weeks before having fully grown back their body hair. With shaving, you can notice the hair grow literally the next day- what a drag! 

  1. Softer and Finer Hair

When your hair does grow back after having been waxed, it usually comes back softer and finer, and not as thick as it would be if you had shaved. The wax also does not create a stubble, like razors do, when the hair begins to grow. 

  1. The Smarter Investment

Waxing is very flexible with time and it is cost-effective. Waxing ranges anywhere from a minute to an hour, depending on which areas of your body and how much you are getting waxed. Waxing is a more reasonable price as opposed to razors, shaving cream, lotions and gels that you would have to purchase for shaving. 

  1. Exfoliation

Waxing pulls at the root, which is what heavily impedes the growth of the hair. Not only that, but wax acts as exfoliation for the skin because not only does it pull hair from the root, but it also pulls a part dead skin cells. This leaves your skin looking and feeling soft. 


You shouldn’t have to tolerate the nuisance that shaving is. There are a number of alternatives to shaving, but waxing is your best bet. Selah Salon and Spa has a variety of waxing services, call and make an appointment today to gain the smoothest, hair-free skin!

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