The Hottest Hairstyles for Spring 2019

curly haired womanSpring is right around the corner, and if you’re anything like us, you’re already preparing everything from your wardrobe to your hairstyle. As you probably already know, different hairstyles are ideal for different seasons. Many people love going short in the summer but then keeping their hair long in the winter and everyone knows that between the beginning of fall and the beginning of spring is bangs season. Spring is unique because it can be both cold and warm, rainy and dry, windy and calm, meaning it’s the perfect time for people to get creative with their hairstyles and updos. These are some of the hottest hairstyles predicted for spring 2019.

Style #1: Gray and Smoky Pink Hair

Gray and smoky pink hair is all the rage right now. Whether a metallic gray, smoky pink, or a combo of the two, your hair will look great and stylish when you opt for these colors.

Style #2: Blunt Bobs–With or Without Bangs

Blunt bobs are super in right now. They look fierce, classy, edgy, professional, and cute all at once. They’re perfect for spring because they keep you cool during the warmer days and don’t make a fuss during the windier days, and they are perfect for upgrading your style. Plus, they look great with or without bangs, so if you prefer haircuts with or without them, you have options.

Style #3: Curls, Curls, Curls

Whether embracing your natural, curly hair or styling your straight hair into a curly bliss, curls are in style and probably always will be. Curly hair makes for the perfect spring hair.

Style #4: Rock the Headband

Headbands are back in style, and this time probably for good (though did they really ever go out of style?). Whether you’re looking to rock colored hair, a blunt bob, or your beautiful curls, a headband can add flair and style to your do. Plus, they’re looking to be big accessories this spring.

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