Hot Spring Nail Trends to Take Advantage of ASAP

beautiful nailsWhen it comes to hot spring styles, we often think about clothing, shoes, hair color, and so on, but what about our nails? When planning the perfect spring wardrobe, our nails need to be thought of as well. Luckily, there are many nail trends to take advantage of this spring. From beautiful, long nails to beautifully manicured nails fixed up with gel polish, there are so many ways we can dress up our nails and make them look perfect, no matter what we’re wearing.

These trends can help you obtain the nails you want so your fashion can be on point this spring.

Trend #1: The Longer the Better

Long, sharp, claw-like nails are all the rage right now. They’re fierce. They’re powerful. And they’re sure to make your hand look wonderful. No one will be able to miss them when you walk through the door. And with numerous colors to choose from, you can choose some that’ll go perfectly with your spring wardrobe.

Trend #2: Multi-Colored is the Way to Go

Whether you want every nail painted a different color or to offset one or two, multi-colored nails are the way to go. Bright, dark, matching, or mismatching you really can’t go wrong with embracing the colorful side of life.

Trend #3: Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

With great nail technology available to us, you can add beautiful patterns to your nails. Checkers, stripes, stars, and floral prints are all available in addition to animal prints. Patterns look great on their own or with an assortment of colors. With us, you have plenty of options to choose from. This way, you can have nails that are as unique as you are.

Trend #4: Rhinestones

Rhinestones are never not in style, and now they can be added to your freshly manicured nails. Essentially, they’re pressed on and then sealed with special polish. They can really glam up your nails and are perfect for welcoming in the springtime.

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