Healthy Hair Habits: Expert Tips and Tricks from Salon Professionals

The back of a person’s head that has wet hair in El Paso.

Do you feel like your hair has a mind of its own? Do you have to wrestle with it just to get it looking the way you want it to? No need to worry because you are not alone. We will lay out a handful of expert hair tips from hair salon professionals that can help you manage your hair better. 

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Taming Your Hair

Hair stylists have a deep understanding of what makes our hair tick. Many people want to take care of easy hair fixes on their own instead of going to a hair salon. Below are several tips from professional hair stylists that anyone can do in the comfort of their bathroom. 

  • Blow Dryer = Volume- Blow drying your hair in the opposite direction of where you want it to rest will increase the volume of your hair. 


  • Droop-free Buns and Ponies- When tying your hair tie around your ponytail, look up instead of down. We naturally want to look down when tying our hair back which is what causes the droop. 


  • Use Gentle Shampoo- Strong shampoos can leave your scalp dry and cause an overproduction of oil which can in turn make your hair greasy. A more mild shampoo will give your scalp the moisture it needs. If you need product recommendations, contact a trusted hair salon.


  • Size of Your Brush- The size of your hair brush matters depending on what style you’re feeling that day. Larger hair brushes will straighten your hair while smaller brushes leave the waves and curls in. 


  • Round Brushes Help with Frizz- If your hair tends to get frizzy after blow drying it, use a round brush when drying. Wrap a section of hair around the brush when drying to evenly distribute the heat; this avoids overexposure and heat damage. 


  • Different Styles Can Hide Roots- If you don’t have time to go to a hair salon and you want to hide or take the attention away from your roots, try putting your hair up in a high pony or parting your hair differently. This will make your hair appear fuller and add lift. 


  • Helping Your Curls- Before applying a gel or mousse to your hair, use a moisturizer first. This layer is a base for the moisturizer to help balance out the porosity of your hair which then creates a softer, more defined curl. 


  • Keep Up With You Trims- Your hair can start to become rogue around three months of neglect. We recommend not waiting any longer than three months to get your hair trimmed; this can avoid dry and split ends. To ensure a proper trim, we recommend visiting a hair salon


  • Use Baby Powder for a Pick Me Up- If you don’t have time to shower, but your hair is too greasy to ignore, using baby powder can help absorb the oil. Put a small amount of baby powder on your fingertips and apply it to your roots and the nape of your neck. 

Hair Care in El Paso

The El Paso heat has never been kind to its people’s hair. This is why it’s important to take care of your hair outside of the hair salon. Using the tricks listed above, you should be able to keep your hair healthy, and Selah Salon & Spa is here to help. Contact us online or call (915) 843-6070 to learn more about our services.

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