The Health Benefits of a Spa Massage

spa massageWe’re nearly eleven months into 2018…isn’t that crazy? It seems like yesterday we were writing New Year Resolutions and working hard to achieve the best summer bod. If you’re like us, you’re currently realizing that we’ve almost made a full loop again and that this year has been nothing but stressful and tiring and long. From raising our kids to working and staying healthy, it seems like we always have something on our plates. All of this pressure, stress, and exhaustion can really take a toll on our physical and mental health. One way to counteract all of this stress and physical exhaustion is to receive a spa massage. Here are some of the benefits of doing so:

Benefit #1: You Feel Good

Spa massages are the perfect way to relax and relieve some of the tension that has built up in our bodies throughout the year. We guarantee that after receiving a spa massage, you’ll leave our spa feeling refreshed, relaxed, and amazing. This is how we should feel all year, but with the stresses of life, it can be hard to do so. Spa massages are the perfect way to keep up the relaxation and happiness we all deserve in life.

Benefit #2: It Relieves Stress

Stress can have negative effects on both your physical and mental health. From back pain and headaches to anxiety and depression, stress triggers a slew of negative side effects. Spa massages help to relieve stress by relaxing you and relieving the tension stress builds in your bones and muscles. Getting regular massages can help you keep the good stress in and the bad stress out.

Benefit #3: It Releases All the Good Hormones

After a massage, you leave feeling excellent. Not only does your body feel good but your brain does as well. That is because, during the massage, your brain releases all of the good hormones—hormones that trigger emotions like happiness, comfort, and relaxation

Benefit #4: It’s Takes Place at a Spa

Another benefit of spa massages is that they take place at a spa, meaning you might as well treat yourself to other services while you’re here. We offer a variety of services that can make both men and women feel their best, including manicures, haircuts, and blowouts.

Schedule a Spa Massage With Selah Salon & Spa Today!

If you’re tired of feeling stress and need to erase the woes that 2018 has brought upon you, schedule a spa massage with us today! We look forward to helping you feel great!

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