Hair Style Trends for 2023

A woman with a new multi-colored hair trend in El Paso.

Just like anything else, hair trends come and go, but we’re living in a time where it’s all about experimenting when it comes to your looks and confidence! If you have paid any attention lately to viral posts on social media, you’ll have noticed plenty of people talking about popular hairdos such as blow outs, layered cuts, and much more. Looking for a new hairdo? But need some ideas and a place to start? Well, if you are looking to keep up with the trends, we’re here to discuss them all! 

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A Soft Bob 

A soft bob is a more loose, casual twist on the classic, structured blunt bob. This year, we’re starting to see a trend in soft bobs because they are easier to style. Soft bobs are also great when trying to achieve “beach waves” or “big, loose waves! 

The Chanel Cut

Derived from Coco Chanel’s famous bob, this haircut is known as a blunt bob at chin length. The Chanel can also be a slightly longer cut than chin length that is styled with plenty of movement. The look is meant to style a deep side part and is often paired with bangs to create a more Parisian/European feel. 

Red/Orange Hair

Red and orange hair has also been a hot request at salons, especially in late 2022. These hair colors are perfect for any time of year, come the cold or warm weather! Strawberry blond, copper, and rich auburn will continue to be a top trend, hairstylists and beauty experts say! 

Shiny Blow Outs 

A shiny blow out has always been admirable among people everywhere. Even though shiny blow outs rose to their peak in popularity in the 90s and in the late 2000s, we are seeing more and more people taking to social media to show off these hairdos. There is no specific style to blowing out one’s hair, but most blowouts are intended to create big curls, waves, or straight hair with a blow dryer. 

Long and Face-Framing Layers 

Face-framing layers are pieces of hair that are cut shorter than other sections to help accentuate or soften features on the face. These layers are intended to flatter one’s features, slim, and contour the face, even! These layers are best styled when blowing out or curling one’s hair. 

The Butterfly Cut

The butterfly cut involves shorter layers that intend to frame the face and give more volume in the hair. It is also intended to give the illusion of shorter hair when longer layers sit behind the shoulders. Our El Paso hair salon recommends this cut for those who have naturally wavy or curly hair and want to create more bounce and volume with their textures. 

The Wolf Cut 

Both butterfly and wolf cuts have gained recognition and popularity through social media apps such as TikTok and Instagram. Similar to the butterfly cut, wolf cuts are designed to create a more shaggy, mullet-like look of a hairdo. This haircut is intended for those who are looking for more volume at the roots, movement and texture near the sides and the bottom layers. 

Pixie Cut 

This hair style has also been around for quite some time, but the love and adoration for it is here to stay! A pixie is a short hairstyle. The length of the hair typically does not go past the ears. The hair is cut short all around with a slightly longer length at the top to create bangs. The pixie style is sleek, and sophisticated, and is definitely for you if you are feeling bold and want a completely new style! 

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