What Hair Drying Diffusers Are and What They Can do for Your Hair 

Any curly girl knows that using a blow dryer is bad for their hair. That is, of course, if you are using heat to straighten your hair. However, with a diffuser, low speed, and cool air, curly girls can add volume and definition to their curls with a blow dryer. What is a diffuser? A diffuser is an attachment you can add to your blow dryer that disperses air surrounding the hair. So how does one use a diffuser? How does it add volume and definition to curly hair? We’re here to explain it all!

How to Use a Diffuser

The first thing to know about diffusers is it is an investment well worth your while. You can even find some of the best diffusers for rather cheap! Above all, you want to make sure it will fit your blow dryer.

A diffuser is best used when your hair is wet, usually right after washing it. After applying the product evenly throughout your hair, it is recommended that you flip your hair down and apply the diffuser to the roots. The roots take the longest to dry, therefore, you should start with drying that part of your hair. You can also start by drying your hair all around with the diffuser and then go to the roots.

You can then start cupping your hair from the ends and bring it up to the crown of your head and leave the diffuser sitting for thirty seconds. You can do this in sections of your hair. You can also flip your hair from side to side while diffusing. 

Some curly girls like to diffuse up until their hair is completely dry. Others recommend that you dry up to about 90% of your hair, considering the vast majority of it is styled and the rest will take care of itself. Ultimately, this is all based on preference. 

The Benefits of A Diffuser 

More Volume

Diffusers bring plenty of benefits to girls with curly hair. One of the main reasons why people diffuse their hair is because it helps create more volume. Plopping your hair upside down and diffusing it so creates more volume, as opposed to drying your hair flat. Even scrunching your hair upside down, whether you use a diffuser or not, makes a big difference as to scrunching it flat. If you are looking to add more volume to your hair, a diffuser is the best tool to use. 

More Definition

Another benefit that diffusers offer is more definition. Volume is especially nice when you have definition. Using a diffuser has helped several girls with curly hair. Ultimately, this tool makes curls crisp, bouncy, and light. This is because as the diffuser is drying your hair, the hair is scrunched so it will dry the way it is being cupped by the diffuser. Of course, you want to make sure you always apply the product before diffusing because using a gel or cream also contributes to defined, bouncy curls. 

Less Time Drying Your Hair 

Dealing with so much hair after a wash can be frustrating because of how long it can take to dry. That means that anything can happen to your hair as it is drying. The time it takes to dry your hair can jeopardize how it will look once it is completely dry. This is where a diffuser can come in and help. Many curly girls have said that diffusing does not go past an hour. It may take about 45 minutes for it to completely dry your hair, but this is better than having to wait hours. Some curly girls have noted it can take up to six hours to completely dry your hair. If you want your hair to be dried and ready for the day, using a diffuser is the way! 

Less Frizz

And most importantly, diffusers take care of the curly girl community’s biggest enemy: frizz. Maintaining curly hair is especially difficult because frizz can always happen. You can take especially good care of your hair and frizz will still somehow come up. With a diffuser, you don’t have to worry about tending to frizz. This also has to do with how fast the diffuser dries your hair. The faster it dries your hair, the less likely you’ll have any frizziness forming. 

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