Why Getting Eyelash Extensions is a Great Idea

Closeup of woman with eyelash extensionsIn the world of beauty there are so many different things that you can take advantage of in 2017. If you used to wish you had longer and fuller eyelashes, it is something you do not have to worry about anymore. There are a few different ways to get the results you want with your lashes. Eyelash extensions are one way of allowing your lashes to stand out as well as look longer and thicker. A simple trip to the salon can result in beautiful eyelashes that you will always want to keep. If you are in the El Paso area, Selah Salon & Spa can provide you with eyelash enhancements that will leave you feeling absolutely flawless day after day!

Events, Weddings, Or Just Because!

Whether you are preparing for a big event or just wanting to improve your eye look, eyelash extensions may be something you’ll want to consider. Your eyes are an important part of who you are and are one of the features that others will notice first when they meet you. If you’ve been wanting longer lashes in the past and were unhappy with your natural lashes, this is your chance to get what you’ve wanted.

While some mascaras can darken, and thicken lashes, it’s really not like the real thing. When it comes to false lashes, they do look pretty but most of the time they do not look as natural as you would like. And talk about trying to put them on! It can sometimes be very difficult to apply lashes and make them look like a normal part of your natural eyelashes. This does not mean that you cannot achieve bold, beautiful, long lashes though.

You Have Choices

Eyelash extensions will definitely give you a result you love. Getting these extensions is a luxurious experience that you will enjoy each and every time. Most salons will offer a sophisticated environment for you to relax in while the process is being done. Some salons will give you refreshments, calming music, and complimentary massages as well. The great thing about the extensions is that you can customize them how you want so they blend in well with your other lashes; this is what makes them natural and beautiful looking.

When you get extensions, you can choose the length and curl. What materials they’re made of will depend on what salon you go to and what they personally carry. At Selah Salon & Spa we offer Jo Mousselli’s Xtreme Lashes. These are semi-permanent synthetic lashes that are applied one by one to each lash on your eye. The end result is a natural and full look that you will not be disappointed with!

Call Our Team At Selah Today

If you are looking to enhance your lashes our team can apply eyelash extensions for you today! You don’t have to wish you had longer lashes anymore because you can actually have them. For more information on our services and how we can better assist you, please call us!

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