Find the Advice For Your End of the Year Look at Our Hair Salon

Close-up shot of group of laughing girls having party, take selfie with smartphoneThere’s nothing like the end of the year that makes you want to look your best for all of those holiday parties. Not only that, but this time of year gives us an extra oomf to end the year looking like a million bucks so that maybe next year, we’ll get a million bucks. Visiting a hair salon is usually on everyone’s to do list in order to look good for the holidays. At Selah Salon and Spa, our beauty experts are ready to make sure our hair salon gives you the look you are going for. From getting bangs to changing your look completely, we’ll help you see the new year in with style.

Should I Get Bangs?

The age old question: should you venture into the unknown but exciting world of bangs? Some people still believe that if you have a certain shaped face, you should steer clear. However, you can throw that old rule out of the window. When it comes to bangs, your stylist can help you decide which style will give you the best look. Long bangs can complement a beach style, long layers, or a general messy do. Structured bangs or diagonal cuts can highlight cheekbones or soften a stronger face. It all depends on your style and stylist.

Changing Your Hair Color

Changing the color of your hair can be a big change. If you decide to go all out, you really can’t go wrong with a color. However, you should always consider your complexion before going all the way. Depending on your style, fair complexions can be over accentuated with overtly dark colors. Once you choose, you can choose from the hottest color trends of the season.

Chocolate Brown with Golden Blonde Face Framing Highlights

Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez have favored variations of this look for quite a while. It is almost a classic and can complement a variety of styles and complexions.

Deep Black

A classic look that’s not for everyone, black can simplify matters quite nicely. The only downside can be that this color can completely overpower complexions.

Bright Red

Redheads are definitely a select few. While not everyone can pull off a true red hue, it can be a fun and different change for those who are tired of the run of the mill color selections. Be careful though- upkeep can be tough, especially if your hair tends to discolor to an orangey hue.

Every Color Blonde

Sarah Jessica Parker is the true style icon that has made this look chic. By combining caramel, platinum, honey, and other various shades of blonde, the Sex and the City star basically created this signature look.

Our Hair Salon Experts are Ready to Help

Deciding on a new look can be tough, but our hair salon knows how to make you look your best. Trust us- you will have the best new look to say hello to 2018 looking chic and ready. Make your appointment today!

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