Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It?

close up of closed eye with fabulous makeup getting individual eyelash extensionsLet’s be honest, we are a bit biased here. Our short answer is yes, definitely. Lash extensions are certainly worth it. If you are truly worried about paying for the fabulous look of eyelash extensions, you might find solace knowing there is actually a good reason you pay the price you do. Even more so, skimping on price may mean skimping on quality as well.

Eyelash Extensions are a Major Time Saver

Imagine waking up day after day with effortless fabulous lashes. You don’t have to worry about putting on daily falsies, mascara, or eyelash serum. Someone even do without liner. They add a touch of drama without spending a great deal of time each morning. Eyelash extension sets last up to four weeks and instead of starting from scratch you can get fills if you time it right. Three hours for a session that will last several weeks certainly is worth all the time you will save.

The Versatility is Awesome

There truly is a look for every woman. Whether you want a bit of a touch-up or full drama like Adele, we can help. A lot of people decide not to try out eyelash extensions because they think that they will end up with a full mink set. That simply isn’t true. At our salon and spa, we use the one lash at a time application method. While the process may take up to three hours, the versatility is worth the time. You can let your lash artist know what look you are going for and expect to see awesome results when you look in the mirror.

The Quality is Amazing

If we are telling the truth, you can go to a shop and get a set of eyelash extensions for about 20 to 30 bucks. However, you are going to get exactly what you pay for. When people complain about their natural lashes falling out this is the shop they probably went to.  When you come to Selah Salon & Spa you receive extensions from a trained professional artist. We only use Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli® and our sets and fills are actually very affordable. Our professional artists take the time to attach each lash one at a time to your lash and not the root. You pay the price an amazing product and excellent service.

Visit Selah Salon & Spa Today

If you are interested in trying out eyelash extensions you should come visit Selah Salon & Spa. Check out our professional setting and amazing service. Once you see the dedication we pay to your beauty treatment you will understand the value of what we provide. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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