Eyelash Extensions and Other Tips for Looking Well-Rested

lady with eyelash extensionsMove over, Sleeping Beauty. Thanks to these eye-opening tips, now even those of us who aren’t able to get a century of shut-eye can look well rested.

Tips for Looking Well Rested

Did you pull an all-nighter studying for a major exam? Were you out late with friends? Did your newborn or toddler have a rough night of sleep? No matter what season of life you find yourself in, getting enough sleep can be a challenge. Luckily, there are plenty of ways we can fake a well-rested look.

  1. Get Rid of the Puffiness: If you don’t get enough sleep, chances are you will wake up with puffy skin and annoying “bags” under your eyes. A quick fix for nixing the morning puffiness is splashing your face with cold water. Kate Moss is known for submerging her face in water full of ice cubes and cucumber slices to get rid of eye-bags. You can also try using cold eye drops around your eyes if you don’t have time to do a full face wash regimen.
  2. Use Blue Eyeliner: It may seem super 1986, but blue eyeliner is a major trend in the fashion world today. And this is for good reason. Blue eyeliner makes the whites of our eyes appear brighter which helps us look more alert and healthy. If you don’t want the high fashion turquoise look, choose liners with more subtle shades of blue.
  3. Add Some Shimmer: Properly applied, shimmer can help the dimensions of your face catch light and create an illusion of being well rested. Try placing some shimmer on the inner corners of your eyes to achieve this look. Bonus tip: Use a white or nude eyeliner pencil to the line in the inner portion of the bottom lids. This will make the whites of your eyes look like they extend further.
  4. Use Eye Drops: Eye drops are a convenient and effective treatment for dry and tired eyes. Just like that afternoon cup of coffee helps you feel alerted, these magic drops can wake your eyes up when they are looking tired in the middle of the day. Apply a few drops to get rid of redness and to keep yourself looking fresh.
  5. Eyelash Extensions: Having long, full lashes works wonders when it comes to looking wide-awake. But while applying fake eyelashes is a hassle and applying layers of mascara tends to look overdone, eyelash extensions are easy, natural looking, and beautiful. Eyelash extensions are great for women on the go, and the placement and length of the extensions can be personalized to enhance the natural shape of your eye. Basically, they are a low maintenance but beauty conscious girl’s dream!

Eyelash Extensions in El Paso

At Selah Salon and Spa, we love helping our clients look and feel their very best. While you may not have the luxury of sleeping for a full nine hours per night, you can invest in yourself by getting one of our professional beauty treatments. Eyelash extensions are a convenient and effective way to get that gorgeous, wide-eyed look. Call us today at (915) 843-6070 to book your appointment!

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