Are Eyelash Extension Better Than Lash Solutions?

The struggle to have full, lush eyelashes is real. Sometimes mascara is just not enough. Not to mention, falsies can be a real pain to apply and pull off. Many women seeking fuller lashes often wonder, are eyelash extensions better or eyelash growth solutions?  While both may have the perks, in our experience lash extensions provide results that are instant and guaranteed. For those that are wondering, we have the comparison notes here for you.

Pros and Cons of Eyelash Extensions

Visiting the salon for eyelash extension takes about one to two hours. At Selah Salon & Spa we use Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli. These lashes are semi-permanent and look and feel natural. Most women come in every four to six weeks for fills. The downside is that, yes, these lashes are not fully permanent. It is necessary to upkeep your look with regular visits. However, the procedure is painless and conducted by a certified technician.

The pros? Well, there are plenty! First and foremost, the extensions are customizable. Before the procedure is conducted your technician will discuss your expectations and design your extension to meet your needs. Some women want over the top, while others desire a more natural look. Both are achievable! Secondly, each individual lash extension is adhered to your natural lashes. When you naturally lose your lashes the extensions will fall away. Your own lashes are not harmed in anyway.

Lash Solution Pros and Cons

There are several solutions on the market that promise fuller lashes. The obvious pro to this solution is that it is a permanent treatment. However, there is no guarantee that these solutions work on everyone who uses them. They also don’t always have even results. Side effects can include itching and burning, dry eyes, and redness. Prolonged use can also cause hair to grow anywhere the solution touches. Some experience a discoloration of the iris. The big picture is that lash solutions are great when they do work, but there is no consistency or guarantee.

Eyelash Extensions For Guaranteed Beauty

If you are looking to invest in a beauty product that is sure to deliver the results you are looking for eyelash extensions may be a better choice for you. If you are looking to get your extensions done be sure to call Selah Salon & Spa. Our certified technicians will set you up with an appointment. These extensions are sure to deliver the look you want to achieve.

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