What to Expect During Your First Spa Treatment

spa treatment setupMost people do not experience their first spa treatment until they receive a gift certificate from a friend or relative. If that is the case and you are worried about to what to expect, there are a number of steps you can take in order to ensure that you truly relax and enjoy the experience. At Selah Salon & Spa, we have everything you need for a relaxing spa treatment. 

Steps to Take Before You Arrive for a Spa Treatment

When you make the appointment, be sure to let the business know whether you prefer a male or female massage therapist, if you have a preference. Be aware that even though you may be completely naked, there are protocols so that you are not completely exposed while you are receiving your spa treatment. You also may want to do some research into the different types of massages available so that you know what to request when you are making your appointment. It is also advised that you do not eat more than a light snack less than an hour before your appointment as you may be uncomfortable lying on a full stomach for an extended period of time.

Spa Treatment Arrival

Be sure to arrive early for your appointment. This will enable you to fill out any paperwork that needs to be done and it will also allow you to get a tour of the facility. In addition, if you come early enough, you will be able to take advantage of the extras that the business supplies. This includes any heat therapy like spas and saunas, as well as a good shower. This is good to do as heat relaxes the muscles and makes the spa treatment more enjoyable and advantageous. Also, be sure to use the restroom before your massage begins so that you do not have to get up in the middle.

When Your Spa Treatment is Complete

Once your massage is completed, your therapist will leave the room so that you can dress and prepare for anything else you may be having done. Be sure to drink plenty of water and do not rush out the door. You should use some additional heat therapy so that you continue to relax and enjoy your spa treatment. In addition, do not forget to tip your therapist. The going rate is around 20 percent.

If you are in the El Paso area and are in need of a spa treatment, contact Selah Salon and Spa. We have been pampering residents since 2001.

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