Caring for Your Roots — How a Hair Salon Can Help

hair salon supplies on wooden tableOne aspect of hair care that can be overlooked is your roots. Simply washing, while good, is not the only thing you do. Roots are an important part of your hair that requires some special care. Most of the treatments for your roots will be tailored to fit the needs of your scalp. This is where having a professional work with you really helps. Selah Salon and Spa has quality root treatments available at their hair salon. There are certain root treatments that can only be done at a salon. Then there are things you should be doing at home to maintain healthy roots.

Root Treatments Found at a Hair Salon

One treatment for roots that should be done at a hair salon is deep moistening. This treatment is similar to the deep conditioning you might get for your hair. The major difference is that the product will only be used on your roots. First, the moisturizer will be applied to your roots, and then left in for a certain amount of time. The amount of time that the product is left in will depend on the damage your roots have. This can be for people who get their hair dyed regularly, or just have dry skin. Another treatment to consider for oily hair and skin is a remover. This process is the opposite of the deep conditioning. Instead of adding moisture, the products used on your roots are meant to dry them out. This helps make your hair look softer. Unlike the deep conditioning, this treatment usually takes less time. The downside to it, however, is that you may need it more often.

Home Root Care

Caring for your roots is not just a job for your hair salon. It also requires home care to keep your scalp healthy. One thing you can do while washing is to gently scrub your scalp a bit. Doing this helps to remove any dead skin, and encourage growth. This will help keep your scalp healthy and clean. Using the right shampoo can also help keep your roots healthy. Depending on your hair and skin type, you will want to get a shampoo that is meant for it specifically. Some products that can help with root care may be bought at a salon. These products will be more varied than the products sold at regular stores too. Before you head to the market for shampoo, consider getting the recommended products at a salon first.

Root care does not have to be complicated. All it really takes is the right product and habits. Selah Salon and Spa is experienced with treating roots in their hair salon. For damaged roots, going to a salon is best. Next time you head into the salon, make sure to ask about your roots.

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