Beautifying Your Hair with A Brazilian Blowout

Portrait of a beautiful young woman with healthy long hair after receiving a Brazilian Blowout, on grey  background.

A Brazilian Blowout is nothing to be confused with a method of hair straightening. The Brazilian hair smoothing treatment is a semi-permanent hair smoothing method. It is often perceived as hair straightening, but that is not primarily how the treatment works. It does not chemically alter the structure of the hair, rather it functions by applying a liquid keratin formula to manifest a protective layer for each and every strand of hair. The treatment results in smooth and shiny hair by diminishing frizz and preventing any external damage. Through the use of breakthrough technologies, a Brazilian Blowout allows customers to expect a customized treatment to achieve a smooth, sleek result or to keep existing curls without any frizz. It’s without a doubt that clients will be nothing but satisfied as a Brazilian Blowout never fails to provide a radiant shine. If you’re wondering how you can further benefit from a Brazilian Blowout, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to help you indicate if this hair treatment is optimal for you. 

No Down Time Needed (For Both the Stylist and Client)

For the client, the treatment is applied and finalized at the salon, so you don’t have to go back home with chemicals sitting in your hair for three days straight before having it washed by a stylist. In addition, clients can immediately leave the salon and go about their everyday duties. If washing your hair, exercise, and styling your hair is a routine thing for you, a Brazilian Blowout is here to support you without the worry of messing it up!

No Hair Redos

A Brazilian Blowout automatically gives the OK for clients to leave the salon with the completed service. Customers can rest easy knowing that they won’t have to contact their stylist or the salon within a day or two asking to redo a part of their hair from sleeping wrong or putting it behind their ear. A keratin treatment is tangible and accommodates to any state you may have your hair in. 

Fit For All Hair Types 

Whether your hair is curly, kinky, coily, frizzy, fine, damaged, or coarse, a Brazilian Blowout has you covered. Not only that but it also significantly helps reduce drying time for clients with porous hair. Whether you’re in need of taming crazy cowlicks or out-of-control bangs, the smoothing treatment of a Brazilian Blowout can step in and help! 

Curly Hair Sustains Its Natural Shape

As opposed to relaxers, after approximately twelve weeks, the client’s natural curl pattern returns without a line of demarcation from new hair growth. This makes the Brazilian Blowout method perfect for clients in transition from hair styling tools such as Japanese straighteners, relaxers, and other keratin treatments. 

Affordable and Abundant 

Compared to keratin treatments, a Brazilian Blowout calls for lower costs per application, every time. Plus, you use much less Brazilian Blowout solution than a customer would with keratin. At most, one ounce of Brazilian Blowout solution is utilized as opposed to two or more ounces of keratin solution. This provides customers with more treatments per bottle. This poses a win-win when it comes to revenue-generating. 

Time-Efficient and Easily Attainable

In only a maximum of ninety minutes, your stylist can provide you with beautiful, smooth, and frizz-free locks for up to a span of twelve weeks. The average cost of a Brazilian Blowout is approximately $200, depending on the marketplace and source of the treatment. 

Providing the Stylist with Proper Education of Treatment Application 

Stylists are offered the opportunity to attend free education events, in turn, guaranteeing the customers that their stylist will know how to perform the treatment the correct way. Skipping steps and using incorrect products will cause the treatments to not last as long and will pose a disappointment to the client. Programs offered for Brazilian Blowout specialization ensure the work and time a customer and stylist need in order to reap the best possible results. 

A Popular and Innovative Trend for Hair Styling

It’s no secret that a Brazilian Blowout is the only treatment asked for by name. You can also be certain that the salon right down the street from you is offering it, so why not take the opportunity for rejuvenating your hair? Provide your hair with the treatment it desperately needs, because if you don’t, it is only a matter of time before your hair becomes even more damaged. Treatments can help you sustain natural and healthy-looking hair for years to come. 

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