A Guide to Repairing Heat-Damaged Hair 

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For many people, their go-to hair-styling tools often use heat. Heat styling tools such as straighteners and curling irons are great for creating beautiful and voluminous hairstyles, but they come with a cost. By using these tools regularly, your hair starts to suffer from hair damage. So while heat-styling tools help you achieve that stylistic look, your hair dries and can become brittle. If your hair is suffering from heat damage and you’re ready to treat your hair, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we discuss the best steps to take to replenish your hair. 

Take a Break from Hot Tools 

The first step is obvious: you need to put a halt to the hot tools. While that hair straightener may give you that sleek look you’ve always loved and that hair curler is to die for, these are the main culprits of heat damage. You won’t be able to repair your hair if you keep going back to the tools responsible for your hair’s damage. 

Trim a Couple of Inches 

Yes, it’s difficult for many of us to cut our hair. Our hair is one of the many physical characteristics that breathes confidence and beauty into our lives! But if you’re dealing with damaged hair, cutting your hair can make a healthy and beneficial difference. When people hear “haircut”, they immediately think of having several inches of hair being cut off, but that doesn’t have to be the case! You can start with two to three inches and slowly work your way up by getting a haircut every three to six months to restore your hair. 

Use a Deep Conditioner with Every Wash

After getting a trim, you can start taking your hair repair to the next step by incorporating a deep conditioner. Deep conditioners are known for working on damaged hair right away. They are the boost of moisture your hair needs, especially when dealing with heat damage. When starting out, you can use a deep conditioner with every wash and then switch to using it to every other wash once you notice a difference with your hair. 

Regularly Use Protein Treatments 

Both deep conditioners and protein treatments are absolutely vital to the hair-repair process. Deep conditioners provide your hair with much-needed moisture. Protein treatments restore the structure of the protein in your hair that was damaged with heat-styling tools. Using protein treatments will breathe strength and luster back into your hair. Once you start to notice a healthy difference in your hair, you can use fewer protein treatments because too much protein can damage healthy hair. 

Pause on Clarifying Shampoos 

Clarifying shampoos are notorious for stripping your hair of its natural oils, which is exactly why you should stay away from these products in the process of hair repair. When repairing heat-damaged hair, your scalp produces oil called sebum, which is meant to moisturize your hair and provide it with vitamins and minerals. Clarifying shampoos will remove all of these much-needed oils, so you should opt for shampoos that help retain and lock in moisture. 

Have Hair Masks Done Regularly 

Hair masks work similarly to leave-in protein treatments. If you were to continue using hair styling tools with heat (which should be kept to a minimum), masks are a great protective tool. Your strands start to repair and heal as they absorb the nutrients and moisture that hair masks offer. Hair masks should be done anywhere from two to three weeks during reparation. 

Use Heat Protectants 

Even if you ditch heat styling tools, there are still other ways your hair can suffer from heat, such as sun exposure and hot showers. When it comes to showers, it is recommended to shampoo and rinse your hair in cold water. If you are out in the sun regularly, heat protectants can help. Heat protectants are designed to protect hair up to a certain degree of heat. These products often come in hair sprays, which should be applied throughout your hair evenly. 

Follow a Hair-Strengthening System 

When your hair is damaged, you have to make major changes to be able to see healthy results. This means you should look into a shampoo and conditioner that are meant to be used both while washing. By looking into a fortifying hair wash set, these products can help lock in moisture and seal any damage and split ends. If it means having to ditch old products you use, don’t hesitate to make the right choice for your hair. 

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