7 Rules to Keep Your Hair Healthy 


Healthy and shiny blonde hair resting on the shoulders of a young woman.

In the age of blowout bars, extreme hair dye jobs, and perms (yes, they’re in!), there is no need to question whether or not your hair is damaged, but rather, consider how severe the case may be. Before you start feeling hopeless and resort to selling your flatiron, keep in mind that even the most damaged and split-end ridden hair can be revived with a few sneaky little adjustments to your routine. Shinier and healthier looking hair is just a couple of tricks away with the help of Selah Salon and Spa! 

Wet Your Hair Less Often 

You’re probably thinking that you’re doing your hair justice by giving it a daily wash. But with a heavy application of water and moisture, the hair will swell up from the inside and force the cuticle up. When this happens over and over, your hair will frizz and result in breakage. Whenever you can skip a day of washing your hair, that would be great. You can also make use of dry shampoo for hard-core oils and to absorb odor. Dry shampoo is great for removing grease and sweat, not just for coating your hair with powder! 

Implement Pre-Shampoo In Your Shower 

Yes, pre-shampoo is a thing now, so on the days that you do wash your hair, it would be best to add this to your routine. Pre-shampoo works like a sealant, smoothing the hair’s cuticles before it gets wet, so there is less chance of it becoming damaged. This is recommended for almost all hair types except for those who have fine hair. This product also helps protect hair from fiction when being shampooed. 

Start Making Better Hair Care Choices 

If you’re worrying about sulfates or no sulfates in your shampoo, it’s time to rearrange your priorities. There is no difference in terms of damages or fading colors when sulfates are tested in shampoos. It would be best to stray from clarifying formula since they are intended to strip your hair of anything and everything. What you want is a shampoo that specializes or makes note of “damage repairing” on the label and has proteins to strengthen hair. You could also look into cleansing conditioners, which have the lowest concentration of detergents. 

Make Room for Layers of Protection 

Since heat is the worst form of damage for hair, don’t be afraid to double down with a heat protectant spray. Although, if you want this remedy to work, you have to make sure you’re applying it the right way. Grab small sections of damp hair and mist each one up and down the length, with two or three spritzes per section. When you have finished applying heat protectant spray, comb your hair out to distribute the formula. Heat protectants are useless if they are not applied to all sections of your hair. This remedy only takes up a few seconds of your daily hair care routine. It would be in your favor to purchase a heat protectant spray that is able to protect hair up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Use Old Shirts Instead of Towels

We kid you not; those sleep shirts you have stocked in the back portion of your drawers that are probably as old as you are are better for your hair as opposed to using a towel for drying. It is why some of the most top and famous hairstylists always have them on hand. They don’t rough up the cuticle as much, so you don’t have to work as hard to smooth the hair and make it look healthy. 

Keep Your Head Cool

If you touch your hair and it still feels hot after you blow-dry or iron it, that means it’s still frying. If you’ve ever noticed how steak is still being cooked when it is taken fresh off the grill, it is the same process when you blow-dry or apply heat to your hair. Try using the cold button on your blow-dryer. Sure, it might take a little longer for your hair to dry, but it so worth the idea of having healthy hair.

Treat and Pamper Your Hair 

By making scalp treatment a weekly routine, you’ll create a bigger difference to last you in the long-run. Keeping your hair follicles clean prevents the blockage and inflammation that leads to thinning hair later on in life. Try making use of scalp treatments with salicylic acid, which does a better job at cleaning the hair follicle rather than the cleansers that come with your shampoo. 

Selah Salon Spa Has the Hair Care Products You Need 

Here at Selah Salon and Spa, we not only have popular, trendy, and name-brand hair products but they are also intended to provide you with shiny and lively hair! Contact our team today to learn more about the variety of products we offer and more! 

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