4 Reasons to Visit the Hair Salon for Color

Professional hairdresser dyeing hair of her clientAll too often people will visit the hair salon for an amazing cut, but when it comes to hair color, they will ruin a great cut with a box of dye. Too many people don’t realize the amazing benefit of relying on a professional for hair color or the risks of using boxed color. As cosmetology professionals we consider an $8 box color the worst thing you can do to your hair. Here are a few reasons you should not rely on supermarket hair dye for your beauty needs.

The Color on the Box is Not Guaranteed

When you pick up the box from the shelf and throw it in the basket next to your milk and eggs, you may not get exactly what you think. Depending on your hair type and color the box can offer a wide range of outcomes. There is no guarantee that you will get exactly what you are expecting. As hair stylists we choose developer and color to achieve the look you ask for. We consider your unique hair and requests. We look at your skin tone, previous artificial colors, if you have greys, your own natural level and underlying pigment when we mix your color. You simply won’t get the same results with a box.

Professional Application at the Hair Salon is Best

When you are using a bottle to apply color you simply aren’t going to get the same results. Trying to apply color to your own hair from a bottle in your bathroom simply won’t get you the results you can find at the hair salon. Again, you simply are the professional hair stylist.

Box Hair Dye Will Leave Your Hair Damaged

If you have never had your hair colored at the hair salon, but frequently use a box dye, you probably think that straw like texture is normal. You may think the dryness, frizziness, and split ends is just a part of dying hair. It simply is not. It is quite possible to achieve the lush color you are looking for with silky smooth and healthy locks.

Box Hair Dye is Only Affordable for the Moment

Your box hair dye costs a few dollars, great! But, after applying it to your hair the best way you know how and dealing with the damage it leave you will end up paying for hair products and a haircut to clean up the mess. Or let’s just say you used a box dye a few days before a big event. The color comes out completely wrong. So, you run for a quick fix and grab another box. Now you have a wrong color and over-processed hair! Your big event is tomorrow. What do you do? Run to the hair salon for corrective color treatment that can cost several hundred dollars. The truth is, you can’t afford to use box dye when your hair is the cost you are paying in the end.

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