4 Benefits of a Gel Manicure 

Hands of a woman with a pink gel manicure in front of light blue screen.

In the past decade, there has been an increasing demand for gel manicures, which are known for their glamorous appearance and durability. Gel nails elicit an authentic and classy touch to your overall style and appearance! If you want something between acrylic nails and regular nail polish, a gel manicure is the way to go! If you need a bit more insight going into the advantages tied to gel manicures, we have all the information. 

Easy to Apply and Remove

Thanks to the development of polish formulas, gel nail polish makes manicures easier by being able to apply and remove with no difficulties. A gel manicure can be performed in nearly the same amount of time as a traditional manicure, with results you won’t be disappointed with! If you want to remove your nails with no mess and no extra effort, gel nail polish is your best bet. 


When applied properly, gel nail polish is not quick to chip in a few days that most traditional brands of nail polish do. Gel nail polish is manufactured with thick and sturdy material, enabling it to face tough impacts. In addition, gel nail polish goes beyond by providing a shiny and pearly look! 

Improving the Integumentary System

Let’s get this straight. A gel manicure can improve the appearance of anyone’s nails. Although, this choice of nails is especially beneficial to those whose nails are deformed or discolored because of trauma. Regular nail polish may not adhere properly to a damaged nail or provide enough coverage to mask discoloration. Thankfully, this is where gel nail polish exceeds. 

Taking Proper Precautions

By receiving a gel manicure at Selah Salon and Spa, we make sure that our manicures receive the correct curing lamps, as they all differ. Gel manicures make use of a special and exclusive curing lamp to dry the polish within seconds and send you off with the rest of your day! 

Get the Best of Our High-Quality Nails and Technicians

Our team at Selah Salon and Spa is comprised of trained professionals that carry out exceptional jobs. We strive to keep you feeling good and looking good, so contact us today to make an appointment or to learn more about our services! 

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