14 Ways to Keep Your Nails Healthy

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Pampering yourself is a great way to relieve stress and relax. Heading to a nail salon and getting your nails done by the pros at Selah Salon and Spa is a surefire way to get the relaxation you’re looking for. Our crew, located in El Paso, TX, has a handful of beauty tips to help keep your nails healthy and ready to be painted!

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Tips and Tricks

We use our hands every day for almost every single task we come across. Because of the wear and tear, it’s important to keep your nails healthy and strong to avoid them ripping or breaking. Before you head over to the nail salon, read below for some helpful tips on how to properly take care of your nails:

  1. Keep your nails dry and clean. Dirty and damp hands can cause bacteria to build up underneath your nails. 
  2. Trim your nails properly! Only use nail clippers or nail scissors for a better outcome.
  3. File your nails. Make sure to keep your nails properly shaped and free from hangnails by using a nail file. 
  4. Avoid biting or chewing your nails. 
  5. Your fingers aren’t tools! Don’t use your nails to open containers such as cans or bottles. 
  6. Don’t forget the toenails! Trim your toenails regularly. 
  7. Avoid fighting your toes. Toenails are thicker than fingernails, so sometimes, they may be more difficult to cut. Submerge your feet in warm salt water to soften the nail and make for an easier trim. 
  8. Don’t pick at ingrown nails! We know they’re annoying, but agitating an ingrown nail can cause inflammation or an infection. Call a dermatologist to get your ingrown nail properly taken care of. 
  9. Wear the correct shoe size. Shoes that are too small can damage your nails and make them at a higher risk of breaking or ripping. 
  10. Wear flip-flops or water shoes in public places. Going barefoot at public showers and pools increases your risk of developing a fungus under your toenails. 
  11. Use moisturizer! Make sure when using moisturizer to rub the lotion on your fingernails and cuticles. 
  12. Don’t ignore issues. If you have constant irritation around one or several of your fingers, go see a dermatologist immediately. 
  13. Avoid aggressive nail products. Excessive use of nail polish remover can damage your nails over time. 
  14. Don’t be afraid to take vitamins! If you suffer from weak nails, taking biotin (vitamin B) will help strengthen your nails and prevent them from breaking as easily. 

Our Services

Selah Salon and Spa in El Paso offers different manicure and pedicure services to help keep your nails looking beautiful and healthy. We offer classic manicures and pedicures, repairs, refills, polish changes, and spa pedicures. 

Our family-owned salon ensures a unique experience for every client we serve. We are always up to date on the newest cosmetic services to properly assist anyone who walks into our El Paso office. If you’re looking for a quality nail salon to do your nails, contact us online or call (915) 843-6070 today!

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